Grow with Confidence

Simply call your new client and begin work immediately.
Focus on billable work and leave the sales , marketing  and onboarding to us.

Client 1

One of our first network members was a busy practice a small sales team. We started to work with the client, within a couple of months the clients increased new instructions by 37% and reduced overheads by 62%.

Client 2

Another successful client that sign up to Inspired Legal Network seen a decrease in overheads of 300%, they previously used a lead generation company to provide them with leads. We worked with the client and removed the need for an agency and a sales team. As a result overall revenue increased by 20% year on year.

Membership Benefits

Active Clients

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Access to clients that are looking for legal representations, choose the clients that suits your specialism.

Reduced Overheads

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Spend less time generating leads and converting them to clients. Reduce your sales and marketing expenses.

Compliance Completed

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Inspired Legal Network completes all AML, KYC and Terms of Engagement. Work on the file immediately

Grow with Confidence

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Focus on billable work, reduce admin tasks and increase your client base. Grow your law firm with Inspired Legal Network.

Transparent Pricing

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Pay as you go, only purchase the files you want to work on. No contractual obligation and the membership is free to join.


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Access to Inspired Legal Network support team.

Frequently Asked Questions​

A network of law firms that have access to ready-to-go files. We screen prospective members, so you can be confident that you’re joining a group of like-minded legal professionals. Like you, they’re professional, experienced, and customer-focused.

Inspired Legal Network provides law firms with access to ready-to-go files. We have already done the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks, the Know Your Client (KYC) checks, completed the Terms of Engagement and obtained the necessary retainer . That way, your legal team can start work straightaway.

It takes time and energy to generate new business. This can be a full-time job, involving numerous phone calls, emails, Zoom chats, and follow-ups. Even when you accept a new client, you have to complete the KYC checks, AML checks, and the Terms of Engagement before you can open the file. This can be frustrating, especially if you have to chase for ID, proofs and replies.


That’s where we can help. By joining Inspired Legal Network, you can get back to doing what you know and love; helping people. We’ll bring the work in for you, procuring new legal matters which are ready to go, with AML, KYC, and Terms of engagement completed. You don’t have to waste your precious working hours on marketing, ongoing enquiries and compliance checks. Instead, you focus on your client and billable profitable work

It costs nothing to join Inspired Legal Network. You’ll pay a set fee for each new file

No, Inspired Legal Network is free to sign up. There are no obligations and you can leave at any time.


Benefits of our network:

  • Ready-to-go files
  • Reduced overhead and admin costs
  • No need to invest in sales and marketing
  • Grow with confidence
  • Clear & transparent pricing 
  • Grow your practice in line with your goals
  • Reduce non-billable hours 
  • Focus on profitable business


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Grow with confidence

Inspired Legal Network


Inspired Legal Group

We simply refocused the way our client did business

The first thing we did was provide the client with the insight on how much they were actually spending on acquiring new clients. Then we showed them the power of Inspired Legal Network



Increase in Clients


Reduction in Overhead Costs


Increase in billable hours


Increase Trust Pilot scores

Let's introduce how these wins materialised. It wasn't by accident, it was by design

Client 1

“Inspired Legal Network has been pivotal in the growth of my law practice. I have been able to grow my client base and increase my billable hours. The service is excellent and very easy to sign up too. Would highly recommend”

Prices from €399

Clear & Transparent Pricing, no wastage

Inspired Legal Network

behind the scenes of our client


Reduction in Overheads


Increase in Billable hours


Increase in Revenue year on year

Removed External Agencies

Our client was spending €,000s per month on ad agencies on account management, this was 100% wasted spend

Our Client then spent €,000 per month to generate leads, with an average conversion rate, resulting in high junk rates (wastage)


Our client had a small team who where then responsible for contact all of the leads and converting them to clients, including the onboarding of AML, KYC and Terms of Engagement. The cost of acquiring a new client was €,000, with little profit.

Moving to Inspired Legal Network

✓ Reduced the cost of acquiring new clients

✓ Purchased only the files they needed, so no wastage in spend

✓ Increased time on adding value to their clients 

✓ Refocus on billable profitable work

✓ Continuous to grow the practice via Inspired Legal Network



Grow with confidence

Whatever your goal or ambition, rest assured you can grow your law practice with confidence with Inspired Legal Network

We can do it together

Let’s explore together, sign up to our network, its free and there are no contractual obligations to remain on the network. 

We Take It Step-By-Step

We do all of the sales and marketing, you focus on the law and providing a high level of service

We Keep It Simple

We simply provide you with ready-to go files 

Your Dream. Our Mission.

“Inspired Legal Network is life changing, it has really transformed how I run my practice. I no longer have to spend €,000 on ad agencies and meet with them to discuss performance and additional time to convert their leads to clients. The way I used to do business was administratively time consuming. Now I purchase a file and work with my client. Transformative” 

Do you want to grow your law practice?

we can do it together

✓ AML Completed
✓ KYC Completed
✓ Terms of Engagement Completed
✓ Obtained Retainer
✓ Fully Onboarded Clients